Radiology Imaging Assistants

September 2018

The imaging assistants consistently demonstrate a conscientious caring approach to our in-patients. They are kind and thoughtful, considering the patient’s needs and those of visiting family and friends. This team transit our in-patients to our modality areas and ensure smooth patient flow for imaging lists.

They walk on average 10K per day each staff member and can scale 10 flights of stairs , and steps recorded on average 20,000 per day. They do a work-out every day with a smile on their faces. They are not always met with a friendly reception by ward staff but they are always respectful and understand the pressures on the nursing teams. They receive many compliments from patients who have said that the staff’s words and care has brightened their day and treated them as an individual and made them smile.

I am so proud of this hard working team, who do not sit on a professional register, who have no clinical training but who consistently perform every day with a smile and caring words. They make the difference to so many patients and our team really appreciate them.