Cellular Pathology Night Team – Gayle Clarke, Helen Bowcock, Michelle Barnard, Claire Wright & Sue Saxon

January 2018

The Cellular Pathology Night Team have won the January 2018 VIP Award due to their ability to work together and provide an excellent service even under pressure. Over the winter period, several members of the cellular pathology technical team worked late into the evening in an effort to reduce the Histology backlog. Despite staff shortages and bad weather, the department has kept consultants busy by continually providing cancer reports for MDT meetings. During this high-pressured time, the team has rallied around to minimise the impact on patients. Over an evening, a team comprising of 4 individuals cut approximately 400 blocks ready for reporting, reducing the backlog by over 50%, this was a mammoth effort. Well done and congratulations to the Cellular Pathology Night Team.

This was a mammoth effort.