Karen Rudd & Julie Brown, Cleanliness Team

April 2019

“I would like to nominate Karen & Julie for how they helped me yesterday and demonstrating true trust value of Proud to Care.

“Last night there was a major blockage on WMLU, which closed off all the toilets in WMLU the estates team spent several hours! unblocking the drains but then had to another call I then  rang our cleaning contractors to attend site to deep clean e area however For some unknown reason contractors phones were not getting the call so I tried our back up contractor but they were pre engaged with another call and could not attend site this meant WNLU had no toilets available to the patients which is totally not acceptable.

“This was now well gone 7.30 pm and I knew we still had our in house domestics on site so I got switch to bleep them Karen turned up and I explained the situation to her where she then got Julie  dropping everything they were doing and they both jumped in and helped to clean up the mess this was done without the slightest  hesitation or objection (none of the not my job attitude ) and I suspect  this mess would have taken them past their normal working shift.

“Later on today I discovered that one of them uses public transport(bus) to get in to work which may have meant they missed their bus and I believe they live on the other side of Telford which makes this even more worthy of the nomination as they both put patients safety before their own welfare a true shiny example to all of us and for me a well worthy winner of VIP award”.