Annual Awards 2019

The Annual Awards are held as part of our way to reward staff who have made a real difference and to show case the excellent work and achievements of our Trust.

Every individual at SaTH makes a significant contribution to the care the organisation is able to deliver to patients and their families, as the Trust strives to achieve it’s vision to provide the safest and kindest care in the NHS.

Awards are voted on by panels of judges and staff. We also have an overall Monthly Award winner and Patient Choice Award.



This award will be presented to an individual or team who go above and beyond expectations to deliver high quality patient care and customer service.

This award category celebrates those colleagues who may not come into contact with patients on a daily basis, but who work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the organisation.

Recognising anyone who is on the up in their career, whether new into the Trust or in an evolving role. This is for someone who has a bright future in front of them; who can inspire change and are making a real difference.

This award will be presented to the team who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the organisation, patients, families and colleagues.

This award recognises the remarkable people who volunteer for the Trust. This award celebrates volunteers who help us to continue to provide great patient care across a multitude of roles and clearly demonstrate our Trust Values.

Big or small, we are looking for an improvement that has had a positive impact on your department, team or our patients.

This is for anybody who has excellent leadership skills; they do not need to be in a formal management role. This award recognises the importance of ‘leading from every seat’ in the Trust, inspiring others and taking people with them.

Open to any individual who has made notable achievement and success in any learning and development. We are looking for all learners: students, trainees, and staff undertaking continuing personal and professional development, who have really embraced the opportunities of their education and training programmes.